INQUA Commissions

INQUA's basic goal - promoting improved communication and international collaboration in basic and applied aspects of Quaternary research - is achieved mainly through the activities of its commissions and committees. INQUA has five Commissions. For more information contact the INQUA Commission Presidents directly (e-mail address below) or the Secretary General Dr Brian Chase.

INQUA Commissions 2015-2019

President: Dr Craig Sloss (Australia)


President: Nicki Whitehouse (UK)


President: Prof Atte Korhola (Finland)


President: Prof Mauro Coltorti (Italy)


President: Alessandro Michetti (Italy)


Commission Advisory Board: Role and procedures

Each Commission has an Advisory Board consisting of 12 senior scientists. These scientists should represent thematic interests within the remit of the Commission and as far as possible should also represent different geographic regions and skill sets.

The role of the Advisory Board is:

  1. To provide advice and feedback on changes to the remit or activities of the Commission, including e.g. content of newsletters and the Commission webpage;
  2. To provide advice and feedback about Commission International Focus Groups and projects. This could include commenting on the structure and remit during the application stage (including e.g. reviewing applications and providing feedback to the Commission President on strengths and weaknesses) or commenting on performance at the reporting stage;
  3. To alert the Commission President to ongoing activities and opportunities, including opportunities for the Commission to participate in relevant international initiatives;
  4. To represent and advertise Commission activities to their respective scientific or geographic communities;
  5. To encourage members of their respective scientific or geographic communities to become actively involved in the work of the Commission, including through fostering applications for funding. In particular, Advisory Board members are expected to encourage the participation of Early Career Researchers in Commission activities, and to help the Commission Executive in their efforts to mentor and support Early Career Researchers.

Members of the Advisory Board are appointed for a single inter-congress period (4 years), but can serve for up to two consecutive inter-congress periods.

The names of proposed Members of the Advisory Board are put forward by the President of each Commission for approval by the INQUA Executive at the meeting of that body prior to the INQUA Congress.

Appointment to the Advisory Board is ratified by vote at the Commission Business meeting at the Congress. The list of Advisory Board members is then presented to the International Council, along with the names of the other members of the Commission, at the last meeting of that body at the Congress for approval.


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