INQUA Funding

INQUA funding is designed to support and facilitate activities that are considered priorities by its Commissions. Commissions sponsor applications for funding, and the INQUA Executive makes decisions concerning the allocation of funding. There are three categories of INQUA funding:

  1. funding for International Focus Groups (IFGs),
  2. funding for projects,
  3. funding for skills enhancement.

Here we provide an explanation of these different funding categories, and application forms for each.

INQUA funding is strictly limited and normally only provides seed money for activities. Applicants will generally need to find additional support for activities from e.g. government councils, foundations, and other international agencies. INQUA prioritises support for the participation of early-career and developing-country researchers in INQUA activities. INQUA does not fund fieldwork or the purchase of equipment or analyses, nor does it fund the research project of an individual scientist; all of these are more appropriately funded by government councils, foundations, and other agencies.

INQUA IFG/project funding is intended to support workshops relating to the development of the research networks defined in the project proposals. While it may be beneficial for these workshops to be held with other regional or international meetings, INQUA funds may not be used for participation at, or support during, other meetings. These restrictions remain in force even if participation is deemed IFG/project related, or an IFG/project session is being held. INQUA IFG/project workshops are expected to be dedicated events. Thus, while they may be held directly before or after other meetings, they may not be concurrent.

Budget justification: the proposal forms include a short section requiring the applicant to justify the need for individual budget items. You will need to show how each expense is instrumental in achieving the goals of the activity.

All applications for INQUA funding (IFG's, projects, skills) have a single deadline each year. For projects beginning in 2018, the deadline for the submission of proposals to the commissions is October 15, 2017.

Applicants should contact Commission Presidents well in advance of this deadline for more information.

INQUA-recognized Projects

INQUA funding for International Focus Groups (IFGs) and projects is designed to kick-start initiatives and international collaborations. Funding is awarded for one or more years during an inter-congress period (projects) or up to two inter-congress periods (IFGs), provided there is sufficient justification of the continued need for financial support. It is expected that IFGs and projects will be sufficiently mature at the end of this time to generate national or international funding for their continued activities.

Nevertheless, it may be helpful for these activities to continue to receive non-financial support from INQUA. Such support will demonstrate that INQUA recognizes the importance of specific areas of research and collaboration. It is therefore anticipated that INQUA recognition will be useful when leaders of activities submit funding proposals. It will also ensure the active participation of INQUA in the dissemination of information about activities and their outcomes.

It is therefore proposed to establish a category for unfunded activities that will be badged as INQUA-Recognized Activities. Permission to use the term “INQUA-Recognized Activity” will carry with it the right to use the INQUA logo and name when applying for funding and organizing conferences.

You may apply to INQUA for recognition of international activities, particularly those arising from previously-funded INQUA IFGs and projects. Recognition will not be automatic, even for previously-funded IFGs or projects. Please see the guidelines on the INQUA website before completing an application form (Application for Recognised Activity) and submitting this to the President of the INQUA Commission that will sponsor your activity. The Commission President will then bring this forward at the annual meeting of the INQUA Executive Committee for consideration and approval. As with other INQUA activities, recognition will be reviewed annually.

All applications must be submitted to the President of the sponsoring Commission by October 15th. Decisions about the allocation of funding are made by the INQUA Executive. It is the role of the Commission President to present applications to the Executive and to make recommendations on how these fit the remit of their Commission. The Commission President can also provide feedback on applications and advice on issues that might need to be addressed before the proposal is presented to the Executive. Any such feedback will be provided in time so that a revised proposal can be prepared for presentation to the Executive by January 31st of the funding year.

For further information and links to Commission web sites, please click here.