INQUA-SEQS 2016 Meeting: Quaternary sedimentation and Paleolithic human occupation in Armenia and South Georgia. (3-11th of September in Armenia)

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The meeting aims to exchange the knowledge of the Terrestrial Quaternary Stratigraphy at the easternmost part of Europe and the bordering Asian part through contact with the Asian stratigraphers. During the Meeting there will be a DATESTRA Session devoted to launch of the IFC’s activities with the presentation of a prototype of the database and its visualization together with  the first release of the tables and charts related to DATESTRA and the discussion about concepts and contents. This session will also serve to involve as many people as possible from different regions of Europe (possibly ECR) in the data collection, discussion and future presentation.

Please check at for registration and at for application for financial support based on DATESTRA INQUA funding).

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Katrin Lasberg

I am geologist from University of Tartu, Estonia and also a ECR representative of INQUA-SACCOM. The overriding interests of my research involve different dating methods (C-14, OSL, Be-10), chronology, Pleistocene glaciations, paleoclimate and sedimentology. I defended my PhD in the year 2014 and it focused on developing the chronology of Weichselian glaciation and deglaciation of Scandinavian Ice Sheet using different data sources and dates. I am really keen on mountains and glaciers and this reflects on my research interests as well. My goal is to find new challenges in the Quaternary research field and widen my ‘store of knowledge’. Outside work activities, I really love travelling, in spare time my hobbies are dancing and hiking and I am also very fond of photography.

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