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As in the past, INQUA will be supporting the 2016 LoessFest meeting, this one in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA, on September 22-25. The LoessFest is the annual meeting of INQUA’s Loess Focus Group.  Meeting organizer Randall Schaetzl (Michigan State University) has received support from INQUA and the USA’s National Science Foundation for this meeting.

Given its location in western Wisconsin and the type of loess in the area, the meeting will focus on three main themes: (1) thinloess deposits, and (2) spatial variation of loess across landscapes, and the research challenges that this approach presents, and (3) loess transportation surfaces and processes.

The four-day meeting will begin with two days of research presentations, followed by two days of excursion to examine the thin loess deposits and source areas in western Wisconsin. Participants may then opt to take the short flight to Denver, for the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, where papers onloess and eolian systems will continue. The LoessFest website is: http://www.loessfest2016.msu.edu/

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