APA meeting in Tokyo 2016

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The APA meeting in Tokyo 2016 is approaching! It is only one months away! The Eighth Bi-Annual Meeting of the Asian Paleolithic Association will be held at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan, between June 24th and 28th, 2016. So far, 110 participants from eleven countries have registered, bringing diverse research topics focusing on a variety of places in Asia. This will sure be a great event!

The APA is an international organization which aims at promoting and enhancing the academic communication of Paleolithic Archaeological and Paleoanthropological research in Asia. In 2007, an agreement was made by the representatives from Russia, China, Japan, and Korea, which addressed the establishment of an association on Paleolithic research in Asia and the adjacent area.

The APA meeting in Tokyo 2016 deal following symposium and sessions.

Symposium: Variability, similarities and the definition of the Initial Upper Palaeolithic across Eurasia

Session I: East Asian variants of Palaeolithic assemblages before modern human migrations

Session II: Insights into early Upper Palaeolithic in Asia

Session III: Recent trends in studies on microblade industries

Session IV: Specific issues on Asian Palaeolithic studies


The third circular and the program for the meeting are available at http://palaeolithic.jp/index.htm

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us at apajapan2016@gmail.com


See you soon in Tokyo!


Masami Izuho (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Chair of the Organizational Committee,

Vice- President, HABCOM

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lyudmila shumilovskikh

I am palaeoecologist, working with pollen, botanical macroremains, dinoflagellate cysts and fungal spores in marine and terrestrial sediments. I finished my PhD in 2013 in University of Göttingen (Germany) on vegetation, environmental and climatic reconstructions of the Black Sea region during the last 135 ka, had a post-doc position in Aix-en-Provence (France), working on paleoenvironment of Sassanian frontiers in northern Iran and Georgia. Now I am back to Göttingen (Germany) as researcher. My study areas are located over Eurasia with main focus on the region of Minor Asia and Middle Asia. My special interest is non-pollen palynomorphs (NPP) and their indicative values for paleoenvironmental reconstructions. I am ECR representative of PALCOMM since 2012, Editor of the INQUA newsletter Quaternary Perspectives since 2014 and Chair of the INQUA ECR Committee since 2015.

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