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We are looking for a new TERPRO representative for the INQUA-ECR Committee (ECR: Early Career Researcher,, during the present inter-congress period. One of the ECR representatives for TERPRO Commision (Nadine Hoffmann; Haifa University, Israel) is stepping down from the ECR Committee, because she found a new job.

 INQUA defines ECRs as graduate students and postgraduates within 8 years of receiving their PhD. This period of 8 years does not take into account periods of time taken not working as an academic or because of taking time off because of family responsibilities. The ECRs represent the Commission and act as a connection between the ECR Committee and TERPRO. 

Currently, other ECR representatives for TERPRO in the ECR Comm. are: Eduardo A. Alarcon Guerra (Central University of Venezuela/ FUNVISISCaracas, Venezuela) and Martine Van der Ploeg (Wageningen University, Netherlands).

According to INQUA, essential criteria for selection are enthusiasm and willingness to contribute, good organisation and communication skills. The candidate also will be a member of a Commission (join one by emailing the commission secretary). A desirable criterion is experienced with social media, blogging, web skills or outreach activities.

 If you want to be involved please send your CV for the election process before the 26th of March, 2017 to Daniela Kröhling (Secretary of TERPRO Commission of INQUA, and to Lyudmila Shumilovskikh (Chair of INQUA ECR Committee,

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lyudmila shumilovskikh

I am palaeoecologist, working with pollen, botanical macroremains, dinoflagellate cysts and fungal spores in marine and terrestrial sediments. I finished my PhD in 2013 in University of Göttingen (Germany) on vegetation, environmental and climatic reconstructions of the Black Sea region during the last 135 ka, had a post-doc position in Aix-en-Provence (France), working on paleoenvironment of Sassanian frontiers in northern Iran and Georgia. Now I am back to Göttingen (Germany) as researcher. My study areas are located over Eurasia with main focus on the region of Minor Asia and Middle Asia. My special interest is non-pollen palynomorphs (NPP) and their indicative values for paleoenvironmental reconstructions. I am ECR representative of PALCOMM since 2012, Editor of the INQUA newsletter Quaternary Perspectives since 2014 and Chair of the INQUA ECR Committee since 2015.

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