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Loess Lovers! The new LL is here now! LL vol. 73. “The Secondary Carbonate issue” “Secondary carbonates are sensitive paleoenvironmental indicators: not just their stable carbon and oxygen isotope composition provides information about former environmental conditions, but their morphology and distribution along the sequence. Primary carbonate content of loess derives from calcite and dolomite crystals,

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In Medias res, People might think, collecting topics for blogs, especially for Quaternary Science is not really a difficult thing. Yes, they are right, collecting is not, but selecting from the collection… Lot of idea came, to talk about such as ‘serious’ scientific problems, bright and dark side of being an early carrier researcher, the

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Loess Letters of Dr. Ian Smalley, is the newsletter of the INQUA Loess Focus Group (Commission on Stratigraphy and Chronology INQUA-SACCOM). You can access the Loess Letters archive of Dr. Ian Smalley, through the page developed at Michigan State University, in the Department of Geography. The Loess Letter archive is a collection of 72 letters

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We are pleased to invite you to participate in this loess conference. This is an excellent opportunity to discover the beauty and culture of the upper midwest, US, and to network with colleagues in the loess community. The 2016 Loessfest conference is sponsored by INQUA’s Loess Focus Group (Commission on Stratigraphy and Chronology INQUA-SACCOM)