INQUA Early Career Researchers

Who we are?

We are scientists studying Quaternary Geology and trying to make an information channel between “young” (early-career) and “old” (established) scientific networks. Find out more about who we are here!

Early-career scientists

INQUA defines early-career researchers as graduate students and postgraduates within 8 years of receiving their PhD. This period of 8 years does not take into account periods of time taken not working as an academic or because of taking time off because of family responsibilities.

What are we doing?

  • Providing and sharing information about up-coming meetings, projects, jobs, opportunities etc., and of course about INQUA and its commissions.
  • Helping to provide mentorship from experienced academics to the next generation of Quaternary scientists through the organisation of meetings and workshops.
  • Promoting INQUA activities through outreach and social media

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