Postdoctoral Position: hydrological data as indicators of past climate and environmental change

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Sandy Harrison is seeking a PDRA to undertake research on the interpretation of isotopic and other sources of hydrological data as indicators of past climate and environmental change. The post will include involvement in coordinating international research initiatives, specifically of the SISAL Working Group. The PDRA will be employed on the ERC-funded project “Unlocking the past for a clearer future (GC2.0)” which will examine the two-way interaction between the terrestrial biosphere and climate on palaeo-timescales in order to realize the full potential of palaeoclimate research to improve our understanding and modelling of climate and environmental change. The post involves the synthesis of palaeohydrological data, including contributing to the construction of public-access palaeoenvironmental databases, and the analysis of these data in order to reconstruct past climate and environmental changes. The primary focus will be on synthesis and interpretation of water-isotope records, specifically from speleothems, but the work will also draw on other sources of palaeohydrological information such as isotopic records from other archives, lake status data or vegetation evidence for changes in available moisture. The resulting palaeohydrological reconstructions will interpreted in the light of climate model simulations of past climates. The post-holder will be expected to collaborate with members of international palaeodata synthesis projects, including the PAGES SISAL working group, and to play a role in ongoing analyses within the Palaeoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project. For further information about the position and requirements, and to apply for this post, please see: