Coastal & Marine Processes (CMP)

The aim of the INQUA Commission for Coastal and Marine Processes (CMP) is to promote communication and international collaboration in basic and applied aspects of Coastal and Marine Quaternary research. We currently sponsor one International Focus Group: PALSEA (PALeo-constraints on SEA-level rise) PALSEA focuses on using past changes in sea-level and Earth’s cryosphere to constrain future sea-level rise in response to climate change.

Between 2015-2019, CMP also supported four projects:

  • HOLocene relative SEA level (HOLSEA), (Geographic variability of Holocene relative sea level),

  • READY (RetrEAt DYnamics) (Retreat dynamics of marine-based icesheets)

  • MOPP-MEDFLOOD, Modelling Paleo Processes (Modeling paleo processes), and

  • Late Quaternary records of coastal inundation due to earth surface deformation, tsunami, and storms.

CMP is steered by a President, two Vice-presidents, a Secretary and two ECR representatives. We also have an international advisory board who oversee the work of CMP. Corresponding membership is open to all scientists with an interest in understanding past coastal and marine changes during the Quaternary.