Palaeoclimates (PALCOM)

The remit of the INQUA Palaeoclimate Commission (PALCOM) is to optimise the use of palaeo-data for detailed climatic reconstructions. The overall objective is to enhance understanding of Quaternary climatic perturbations, transitions and abrupt events. To this end, PALCOM encourages interactive projects with the other INQUA Commissions to comprehend the links between climatic changes and environmental and human responses. The commission is also attempting to foster strategic links with the international climate modelling community, to assist the process of palaeo-data/model comparisons.

PALCOM is steered by a President, a Vice-president, a Secretary (responsible for the Newsletter and webpages), and 2 ECR representatives. A further 12 Full Commission Members act as an international advisory/steering group to oversee the work of PALCOM. Corresponding membership is open to all scientists with an interest in understanding past climate changes.