Terrestrial Processes, Deposits & History (TERPRO)

TERPRO encourages the development of research projects that link investigation on Quaternary continental environments and tectonics together with the mitigation of social impacts from natural hazards, such as desertification, extreme climatic events, and active tectonics. 

This commission promotes improved communication and provides a valuable vehicle for international scientific collaborations It covers the wider spectrum of Quaternary disciplines and coordinates a number of International Focus Groups (IFG's) and projects with a broad interdisciplinary perspective. TERPRO actively promotes the use of new field observations in critical regions/fields that show major gaps in the knowledge of Quaternary Terrestrial processes.

TERPRO supports the participation of young scientists from all over the world. One of the goals of the commission is to bring together specialists during scientific events organized within IFGs. We actively enhance the participation of members from under-represented groups and countries. Researchers with different backgrounds meet, interact, exchange data and interpretations, and discuss common approaches with the aim of achieving integrated results, especially in the analysis of natural hazards.

At the INQUA congress in Dublin, a new TERPRO leadership was confirmed for the inter-congress period. We are also very happy to have a new TERPRO advisory board.With the end of the last inter-congress period, all previous focus groups (IFGs) and projects terminated and new groups have been formed. Within TERPRO, there is now one IFG (TPPT) with two projects (EDITH and LEMON), and two working groups. If you are interested in joining any of the groups, projects, working groups or activities, please get in contact with the leaders or drop us an email and we will make sure to connect you with the community ([email protected]). We have a very interesting meeting and workshop program for 2022.