Early Career Researchers (ECR)

ECR activities in INQUA provide an information gateway between young (early-career) and the senior scientists and scientific networks.

Early Career Scientists

INQUA defines early-career researchers as graduate students and postgraduates within 8 years of receiving their last degree. This period of 8 years does not take into account periods of time taken not working as an academic or because of taking time off because of family responsibilities.

What are we doing?
Providing and sharing information about up-coming meetings, projects, jobs, opportunities etc., and of course about INQUA and its commissions. Helping to provide mentorship from experienced academics to the next generation of Quaternary scientists through the organisation of meetings and workshops. Promoting INQUA activities through outreach and social media.

Early Career Research (ECR) - Mission

The Early Career Research (ECR) Committee has been established by INQUA in 2012 and exists to both foster the involvement of young scientists in INQUA activities and to improve networking and information exchange between early career researchers, INQUA and its Commissions. Our Mission:

  • To increase the dissemination of information between INQUA, its Commissions and its young members through both ECR networks and social media.
  • Reciprocally to represent the views and increase the flow of information from the ECR community to the INQUA Executive Committee
  • To support early-career Quaternary scientists from developing countries and engage them in INQUA activities
  • To more generally promote innovative research, scientific leadership, and community outreach among INQUA ECRs

Upcoming Meetings & Events

There are currently no events in the next 6 months. Please check back soon.

ECR News