INQUA Funding, Grants & Awards

**New Funding Structure Announcement** 

In response to feedback from members, INQUA has developed a new funding framework for Commission activities which replaces the previous system which was arranged around International Focus Groups (IFGs) and Projects. 

There are three new categories of INQUA Commission support:

  1. Funding for single year or multi-year projects
  2. Funding to support a stand-alone conference or meeting
  3. Funding for skills enhancement

For the coming year, 2021, we have also added additional allowable funding types in response to the changing academic landscape caused by Covid-19

In addition, there is still the option to apply for INQUA endorsement (or to become an INQUA Working Group) with the right to use the INQUA logo and name when applying for funding and organising conferences. This endorsement does not involve financial support from INQUA.

All in-progress funded IFGs/projects will immediately be moved to this new system and we expect existing IFGs and some projects to become ‘multi-year projects’. Existing funded IFGs and projects need to apply for continuation of funding in the upcoming year towards the end of each year using a new application form.

We welcome enquiries from potential projects at any time, but the deadline for initial applications to these new categories this year is 20th November 2020Applicants who have missed this deadline should contact the Commission officers for more information. After January 31st, however, no further proposals will be considered by the Executive Committee.

Detailed explanation of the different funding categories and the application form are available on the relevant funding pages.

INQUA Working Group Status

INQUA Working Groups receive non-financial support from INQUA. Permission to use the term “INQUA Working Group” will carry with it the right to use the INQUA logo and name when applying for funding and organising conferences. Recognition will not be automatic, even for previously INQUA-funded projects. We expect that INQUA Working Groups demonstrate the same attributes as multi-year projects (see here for the guidelines). Those seeking Working Group status will need to complete an application form as for the other categories of funding and submit this to the INQUA Commission that will support your activity. The Commission President will then bring this forward at the annual meeting of the INQUA Executive Committee for consideration and approval. As with other INQUA activities, recognition must be renewed annually.

INQUA Awards

INQUA presents awards to scientists who distinguish themselves through contributions to Quaternary science and to INQUA. These awards include the Sir Nicholas Shackleton Medal for Outstanding Young Quaternary Scientists, the Liu Tungsheng Distinguished Career Medal for Distinguished Service to the International Community in Quaternary Science and the INQUA Distinguished Service Medal. In formation about these awards, past recipients, and how to nominate candidates for future awards can be found here.