INQUA Funding, Grants & Awards

Funding for INQUA activities

INQUA funding is designed to support and facilitate activities that are considered priorities by its Commissions. Commissions sponsor applications for funding, and the INQUA Executive makes decisions concerning the allocation of funding. There are four categories of INQUA support:
  1. funding for International Focus Groups (IFGs),
  2. funding for Projects,
  3. funding for skills enhancement.
  4. unfunded INQUA Working Groups
Detailed explanation of these different funding categories and application forms for each are available on this site, but we also encourage potential applicants to contact the INQUA Commissions to discuss their plans and ideas.

INQUA Funding Priorities

INQUA funding is intended to help create and enable networks of researchers working on key themes in Quaternary research. INQUA prioritises support for the participation of early-career and developing-country researchers in INQUA activities. Funding is limited and normally only provides seed money for activities. Applicants will generally need to find additional support for activities from other sources such as government councils, foundations, and other international agencies. INQUA does not fund fieldwork or the purchase of equipment or analyses, nor does it fund the research project of an individual scientist.

INQUA funding is intended to support workshops to develop research networks. While it may be beneficial for these workshops to be held with other regional or international meetings, INQUA funds may not be used for participation at, or support during, other meetings. These restrictions remain in force even if participation is deemed IFG / project related, or an IFG / project session is being held. INQUA IFG / project workshops are expected to be dedicated events. Thus, while they may be held directly before or after other meetings, they may not be concurrent.

See INQUA Commissions for more information.

INQUA Awards

INQUA presents awards to scientists who distinguish themselves through contributions to Quaternary science and to INQUA. These awards include the Sir Nicholas Shackleton Medal for Outstanding Young Quaternary Scientists, the Liu Tungsheng Distinguished Career Medal for Distinguished Service to the International Community in Quaternary Science and the INQUA Distinguished Service Medal. In formation about these awards, past recipients, and how to nominate candidates for future awards can be found here.