Definitions of ECRs & DCRs

For the purposes of all funding schemes, the Executive uses the following definitions:


Early Career Researchers (ECRs) 

For the purposes of funding, INQUA defines early-career researchers as graduate students and postgraduates within 8 years of receiving their final degree. This period of 8 years does not take into account periods of time taken not working as an academic or because of taking time off because of family responsibilities. Scientists who have been working for less than 8 years and who have permanent (tenured) positions, may still be considered as early-career researchers.


Developing-country scientists 

For the purposes of funding, INQUA defines Developing-Country Researchers (DCR) - as those who are working in low income or lower middle income economies (see here for list of these economies). DCRs may, but do not necessarily have to, come from countries that are Members or affiliates of INQUA. In applying this guideline, INQUA will take into account that inclusion or exclusion from the World Bank list may not be an adequate reflection of the levels of science funding or funding to individual scientists. In particular, more senior scientists from low/lower middle income economies may still have sufficient levels of funding to enable them to participate in INQUA projects – applicants are asked to be sensitive to this issue when applying for funding, in order to ensure that funding goes to people who would most benefit from support. Please contact the President of the relevant Commission with any queries in relation to this.