Working Groups

An INQUA affiliated Working Group is a long-term association addressing specific broad-scale scientific issues. INQUA Working Groups have the right to use the INQUA logo and name when applying for funding and organizing conferences. The recognition as an INQUA Working Group is formally approved for the entire intra-congress period (usually 4 years) at the INQUA Congress by the INQUA International Council.

Those seeking Working Group status will need to send a request with detailed information about association, their mission and the current leaders to the INQUA Executive Committee ([email protected]) for consideration and approval to be ratified by the INQUA International Council. Recognition must be renewed after every intra-congress period. Applications can be submitted during the intra-congress period for provisional approval by the INQUA Executive Committee until ratification at the next INQUA Congress. 

The Working Groups are requested to report at the meeting of the International Council about their activities and during the intra-congress period the INQUA Working Groups need to hand in a short annual report. The INQUA Working Groups are also encouraged to report, on a regular base, about their activities and results in INQUA’s periodical Quaternary Perspective.