2024 CANQUA-CGRG Biennial Meeting

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The Canadian Quaternary Association is meeting on the Great Plains!  The CANQUA-CGRG Biennial Meeting will meet this August 18-21 at the University of Regina in southern Saskatchewan.  Please consider attending.  We've worked hard to keep costs low and make this a memorable event.  Many thanks to the Organizing Committee.


The Conference Website:



Submit an abstract by  April 30 to a Special Session or General Session. 

Check out the Special Sessions.  Detailed descriptions and convenors are listed on the conference website:

1. The Growth and Demise of the Keewatin Dome: New Insights From and Beyond an Inner Core Region of the LIS
2. Holocene Paleoclimates and Paleohydrology
3. Cold-Cores, Cordilleran Coalescences, and Coastal Collapse
4. Pushing the Limits of Quaternary Geochronology: Techniques and Applications Understanding
5. Glacier Paleohydrology: Insights into Paleo-Glacial Dynamics from Landforms and Deposits
6. Digital Quaternary: Enhancing Geomorphic Research with Big Earth Data and Techniques
Session Conveners: Meaghan Dinney ([email protected], Simon Fraser University) and Dr. Tracy Brennand ([email protected]. Simon Fraser University)
7. Soils as Records of Geomorphic Change and Processes
8. Quaternary Palaeontology and Palaeoecology
9. Glacial Geomorphology of the Canadian Interior Plains: Implications for Soft-Bedded Glaciated Terrains
10. Aerial Photographs to LiDAR: Discussions on Quaternary Mapping Methodologies
11. Towards Improving the Understanding of Natural Hazards and Risk
12. Melting, Burning, Flooding, or All-Out Destruction: Addressing the Effects of Climate and Industrial Pressures on the Archaeological Record


Field trips are available for sign-up and registration.  Including:

· Pre-Conference: Glacial Geomorphology of Palaeo-Ice Streams of Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan (August 15-18)  Led by David Evans (Durham University), Nigel Atkinson (Alberta Geological Survey), Sophie Norris (University of Victoria) and Emrys Phillips (British Geological Survey)

· Post-conference: Late Tertiary to Quaternary Landscapes of the Cypress Hills and Southwestern Saskatchewan (August 22-24) Led by David Sauchyn (University of Regina) and Michelle Hanson (Saskatchewan Geological Survey)

· Half-day, post-conference: The Avonlea Badlands: Exploring Holocene Badland Evolution in the Prairies (August 21) Led by Ulrike Hardenbicker (Department of Geography, University of Regina)

· Half-day, post-conference: Quaternary Landscapes of the Qu'Appelle Valley (August 21)  Led by Jason Cosford (JD Mollard and Associates)

Keynote Speakers are announced:

· Dr. Jess Metcalfe: Follow the bison: Western Science and Indigenous Insights into Migration, Hunting, and Human-Animal relations

· Dr. David Sauchyn: Informing Water Resource Management and Constraining Climate Model Projections

· Dr. Sophie Norris: Deglacial Ice Sheet Dynamics Associated with Abrupt Climatic Change

· Dr. Tyler Murchie: Ancient DNA: Recent Advances and Near Term Prospects from a Canadian Perspective

Upcoming Deadlines

March 22 - May 31, 2024: Early bird and field trip registrations

April 30, 2024: Last day for abstract submission

July 15, 2024: Last day to register for the awards banquet