The Spotlight project: re-cap and evolution

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The INQUA ECR Committee launched The Spotlight project in September 2021. Since then, 12 papers have been put under the spotlight: the aim of the project was indeed to highlight papers published in Quaternary International – the INQUA journal by scientists from developing countries and/or in the early stages of their career.

Running this project has been a truly inspiring experience, which allowed us to meet talented geoscientists and catch up with cool research on Quaternary themes. The INQUA Rome congress is fast approaching and in 2023 we will focus on introducing the winners of INQUA Fellowship grants and their research – stay tuned!

Here’s a recap of the papers featured in the Spotlight project, in case you missed some of them!

September 2021. Paper title: “Intensity estimation for the 2001 Bhuj earthquake, India on ESI-07 scale and comparison with historical 16th June 1819 Allah Bund earthquake: A test of ESI-07 application for intraplate earthquakes”. Link to post 

December 2021. Paper title: “Polygenesis of loamy soils in North-West Siberia in the context of environmental history of the Eurasian Artic region during the Late Quaternary”. Link to post 

January 2022. Paper title: “Speleothem growth phases in the central Eastern Desert of Egypt reveal enhanced humidity throughout MIS 5”. Link to post 

February 2022. Paper title: “Environmental trends during the Bronze Age recorded in paleosols buried under a big kurgan in the steppes of the Ponto-Caspian area”. Link to post 

March 2022. Paper title: “Reconstruction of palaeoenvironment and ancient human activities at Obrovac-type settlements (Serbia) using a geochemical approach”. Link to post 

April 2022. Paper title: “The use of phosphate minerals for determination of the provenance of flint used by prehistoric communities in East-Central Europe”. Link to post 

May 2022. Paper title: “Response of shallow lakes in the arid-semiarid Pampas of Argenitna to Late Holocene hydroclimatic change”. Link to post 

June 2022. Paper title: “Mineralogical, geochemical, and magnetic susceptibility variations in the loess-paleosol sequence from Pattan, Kashmir Valley, India record an enhanced Indian summer monsoon around 35 ka”. Link to post 

July 2022. Paper title: “Provenance, and environment context of pedogenic carbonates formation from MIS 3 to MIS 1 in the Teotihuacan Valley, Mexico”. Link to post 

September 2022. Paper title: “Glacial outburst flood in the marginal zone of the Wartanian Glaciation: An example from Adamów, central Poland”. Link to post 

October 2022. Paper title: “Diatom community responses to environmental change in Lake Ohrid (Balkan Peninsula) during the mid-Pleistocene Transition”. Link to post 

November 2022. Paper title: “Multi-proxy approach to identify the origin of high energy coastal deposits from Laem Son National Park, Andaman Sea of Thailand”. Link to post

Post written by Francesca Ferrario, Terpro ECR Representative.