Stratigraphy & Chronology (SACCOM)

The Stratigraphy and Geochronology Commission is devoted to the study of the Quaternary Period through Quaternary stratigraphy and chronology. It provides a forum for Quaternary scientists to discuss and establish stratigraphical investigations and classification throughout the World.  It seeks to achieve this through the organisation of regular meetings, publications and publicity. In addition a network of Focus Groups with specific mandates are established under the auspices of the Commission.

SACCOM exists to promote and co-ordinate international co-operation and integration by:

  • the establishment and publication of a geological timescale for the Quaternary,

  • the unification of regional and national chronostratigraphical nomenclature,

  • the promotion of stratigraphical methods, and the dissemination of stratigraphical knowledge,

  • the evaluation of new stratigraphical methods and their integration into a multidisciplinary stratigraphy, and

  • the definition of principles of stratigraphical classification, terminology and procedure and their publication.

SACCOM scientific activities are carried out through projects, websites, publications and meetings, particularly through focus groups dedicated to the investigation of specific areas of the discipline, through collaboration with other INQUA Commissions, and outside organisations.