Coastal and Marine Processes - Projects

We currently have 3 new projects within the Coastal and Marine Processes Commission awarded in 2023.

CMP Other Related Projects

Project 1601P : HOLSEA: Geographic variability of Holocene relative sea level

Project 1601P details

Project 2001F : Submerged palaeolandscapes of the Southern Hemisphere (SPLOSH)

Project 2001F details

Project 2003P : New procedures and technologies for underwater paleo-landscape reconstruction (NEPTUNE)

Project 2003P details

Project 2101 : Paleoseismic investigations to identify the source, magnitude and recurrence-interval of tsunamis on the global scale

Project 2101 details

Project 1301F : PALSEA: PALeoconstraints on SEA level rise

Project 1301F details

Project 2002P : INtegrated QUAternary MArine REcords at Sensitive Latitudes (INQUA-MARE)

Project 2002P details