CMP International Focus Groups & Projects

INQUA IFG 1301F PALSEA: PALeo-constraints on SEA-level rise

PALSEA (2019-2021) is focused on using past changes in sea level and Earth’s cryosphere to constrain future sea-level rise in response to climate change. It is a continuation of PALSEA 1 and PALSEA 2 that operated from 2008 to 2012 and 2013-2017, and is co-funded by PAGES IGBP.

Project 1601P : HOLSEA: Geographic variability of Holocene relative sea level

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Project 1602P : READY: Retreat dynamics of marine-based icesheets

Project 1602P details

Project 1603P : MEDFLOOD-MOPP: Modeling paleo processes

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Project 1701P : Late Quaternary records of coastal inundation due to earth surface deformation, tsunami, and storms

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