Project 1601P: HOLSEA: Geographic variability of Holocene relative sea level


Primary Lead:  Nicole Khan, Department of Earth Science, University of Hong Kong

Co-leads: Erica Ashe, Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Rutgers University, USA

Sarah Bradley, Department of Geography, University of Sheffield, UK

Andrea Dutton, Department of Geoscience, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Aim: The overarching goal of HOLSEA is to produce a global synthesis of Holocene relative sea-level data to (1) estimate the magnitudes and rates of global mean sea-level (GMSL) change during the Holocene based on proxy data, and (2) identify trends in spatial variability and better understand the processes responsible for geographic differences in relative sea-level change. This research will increase our understanding of the driving mechanisms of sea-level change, enhance predictions of 21st century sea-level rise, and provide a vital contribution to the assessment of natural hazards with respect to sea-level rise and coastal response.

Project Leaders