Coastal & Marine Processes (CMP)

The aim of the INQUA Commission for Coastal and Marine Processes (CMP) is to promote communication and international collaboration in basic and applied aspects of Coastal and Marine Quaternary research. We currently sponsor two large 'multi-year projects': PALSEA (Paleo-constraints on sea-level rise) and SPLOSH (Submerged palaeolandscapes of the Southern Hemisphere) as well as five smaller multi-year and single year projects: NEPTUNE (New procedures and technologies for underwater palaeo-landscape reconstruction), INQUA_MARE (Integrated Quaternary marine records at sensitive latitudes), HOLSEA (Geographic variability of Holocene relative sea levels), Paleoseismic (Paleoseismic investigations to identify the source, magnitude and recurrence-interval of tsunamis on the global scale), and East Asia RSL (Mid- to late-Holocene extreme storm events and relative sea-level changes in East Asia).

We invite enquiries about potential projects, working groups and INQUA related activities throughout the year: email [email protected] for more info